Membership Information

Members Benefits

No Joining Fee

As well as no joining fee, there is no annual fee whilst being a member of the IMAA

Simple to Join

Any registered medical practitioner in Australia can become a member

Access Benefits

Receive a wide range of discounts when you visit our community associates

Rules and Regulations

  1. There are no joining or annual fees.

  2. Any any registered medical practitioner in Australia can become a member of IMA Australia.

  3. Membership is granted upon application and approval by the Membership Committee chaired by Dr Manas R Gupta. This resolution was passed on 16th July, 2017 as per by laws of the IMA Australia and majority votes in the organizing comittee meeting.

  4. IMA Australia members have the option to become Life Members of IMA (HQ) India.

  5. For Membership of IMA (HQ) India all payments will have to be made to New Delhi branch via Bank Transfer

  6. IMA Australia does not have any financial interest in members joining IMA (HQ) and we do not receive any monies from the subscriptions paid. But in the best interests of IMA Australia we do encourage our members also to be members of IMA(HQ) India

  7. Membership is by online application.

How to Apply

Access our membership form by clicking the button below​.

Forward all applications to: