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About Us

Our Mission Statement

IMA Australian Chapter was formed in 2017 to act as a central federation of the various state-based Indian Medical Associations in Australia. Queensland its branch of the IMA in Brisbane later that year. 

We are a body of medical professionals with roots or training in India, who are now proudly practicing medicine in Australia. Our combined family of Australian doctors of Indian origin is numbered at over 8,000 and growing.

Indian Medical Association (Headquarters in New Delhi) and the IMA National President Dr K. K. Aggarwal (Padma Shri), as per letter dated 26 May 2017, and as per bye-laws of IMA 5B and Rule 7A (see letter attached), has authorised the setting up of the overseas branch of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) in Australia. A rules and regulations charter was adopted on 23rd October 2018. 


We are a registered and incorporated association in the state of Queensland (registration number IA57004). Our association is entirely not-for-profit.

Association Objectives

1. Establish a forum for health professionals of Indian origin practicing in Australia, for exchange of views and ideas that may further healthcare in both countries. 

2. To provide a support network and advocacy group for Indian-origin medical practitioners and their families in Queensland. 

3. Liaise with state and federal government, the Indian High Commission, and public and private organisations to represent the Indian-origin medical practitioner community. 

4. Undertake activities to promote public health initiatives (e.g. health literacy, immunisation, diet and exercise) targeted at vulnerable members of the Australian-Indian community in Queensland. 

5. Publication of a regular newsletter.

6. Provision of educational opportunities forum, keynote talks from health experts, and continuous professional development. 

7. Develop and promote professional relations with the Australian Medical Association Queensland. 

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